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Brother DCP1000

71Polygon motor does not synchronize with the reference clock.
72Cannot detect Beam Detect signal.
73No toner cartridge loaded.
74Toner empty.
75In-casing temperature error.
76Heater harness disconnected or broken. Or heater thermistor harness disconnected or broken when the power is turned on, the top cover is opened and closed, or the machine exits from the sleep mode.
77Power turned off and on at the occurrence of error 76 or 78.
78Heater thermistor short-circuited. Or heater thermistor harness disconnected or broken when the machine is on standby.
79Toner thermistor harness disconnected or broken.
80Paper size setting error.
82Paper feeding error.
83Paper jam. The registration sensor remains ON.
84Paper jam. The paper ejection sensor remains ON.
88Paper jam. Even after the registration sensor has gone OFF, the paper ejection sensor still stays OFF.
A1Scanner unit opened.
A2Document too long to scan.
A3Document not detected by the document rear sensor.
A450% or more faulty of white level data.
A7One-line feeding timeout error.
A8One-line scanning timeout error.
A9Abnormal scanning reference voltage.
AADocument tray opened.
ACLess than 50% faulty of white level data.
AEThe CCD HP sensor sticks to OFF, indicating that the CCD unit has not returned to the home position.
AFThe CCD HP sensor sticks to ON, indicating that the CCD unit has stayed in the home position.
B1Dark level offset data error.
B2Gain control data error.
B3Scan area left edge detection error.
B4Scan area right edge detection error.
B7A/D converter reference voltage error (at High level).
B8A/D converter reference voltage error (at Low level).
BAMagnification error for substantial white level data.
BBSubstantial white level data error in black & white mode.
BCSubstantial white level data error in photo mode.
BDBlack level data error.
BEDetection error of black mark.
BFDetection error of ADF scanning position.
D5The MODEM fails to complete the command transmission sequence.
E4Out of recording paper.
E6Write error in EEPROM.
E8Data scanning error during transmission.
EADocument removed in phase B.
F5EOL not found in page memory transmission mode.
F6PC interface error.